Sustainability and Culture

Written by Isabela Ramirez


Posted on April 15 2022

Sustainability is as tethered into Las Brewhas as our Indigenous roots. Our mission is to make organic, sustainable, Indigenous, products accessible to everyone. We get a great deal of our ingredients from the Limão do Curuá in the Amazon rain forest and from local U.S farmers mostly in NY like Fish Kill Farms. We work with these groups to make sure that all tribes and employees are getting paid a fair-wage and are not over harvesting the land. To our packaging we make sure that everything is plastic free and leaves as little damage to the planet as possible. Our labels are made from recycled paper and lime ink, all the packing paper is recycled paper as well. 

Why is sustainability so important to Las Brewhas? like most Latinos we are very mixed, we have our African roots as well as our Indigenous roots, that booth highly value respecting and taking care of the planet. When we create our products we make sure to incorporate these beliefs through prayers, burning of sacred herbs, lighting candles and playing healing music during the process of creating. Through this process we are able to continue ancient rituals and make everything with an abundance of love.

Our name Las Brewhas has years of rebellion, a bruja is a spiritual warriors that will never allow our practice to vanish. We are the survivors of a genocide and to be able to practice our mix spirituality is something we are proud to share.