About Our Family

A little more about our family!


She hand makes all the products that you see before you.

In her teens Gabby struggled with painful cystic acne which required often dermatologist visits, subscriptions to every skincare routine, etc with little results or alleviation. It was only after she began to do her own research and make her own skincare products that she noticed a drastic difference in her skin. After graduating high school, Gabby attended school to be an aesthetician, learning how to take care of the skin and fight blemishes properly without causing damage. After exploring this field of a bit, she became a pastry chef, attending the Institute of Culinary Education as well as being employed as head chef at multiple restaurants. Gabriella also has experience working for eco-focused groups targeted at raising awareness towards a variety of issues regarding human rights, animal rights and fighting climate change. Gabriella is also a bruja and it is her spiritual love that every product is infused with.

After having lost her job due to COVID, Gabby and our mother encouraged Gabriella to combine her passions and they began to fill their time by experimenting with making soaps as well as Gabby's usual skincare products. It was this experimentation and familial bonding time that resulted in the birth of our business, Las Brewhas.



Gabriella's younger sister and college student. They focus on the more technical aspects of the business; they created and maintain our website, create our flyers and labels, as well as drew our logo! As Gabby's right hand man they help all aspects of the business run smoothly, keeping inventory of products and supplies and other behind the scenes tasks, as well as assisting in actual product creation whenever it's needed! Often spotted doing tarot readings at pop ups and learning  more and more everyday about brujeria and product creation under Gabby's guidance. 



Our mother! Like mother nature herself our mom planted the seed of this idea in our minds and in our hearts and has nurtured and watered it. She always supports our ventures, helps with distribution and testing of products. It was her pride in her Colombian heritage that ignited and guides our love for our culture as Colombian-Puerto Ricans and the beautiful spiritual teachings we can find when we explore our background and our people.


Our products are a testament to our love for who we are, where we have come from, and how that beauty can be brought front and center in our lives.