About Us

Hello! We are Las Brewhas! We are Latina, Williamburg-based, and family run soap and skincare business. To learn about our family and our start, click here!

We hand make skin care products that use only sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging. We try to shop locally to try to limit emissions and packaging from shipping, working with local New York farmers, and when we do have to source from further away we make a point of working with QTBIPOC businesses to give back to our community, prioritizing indigenous sellers from the Amazon rainforest. 

Our products are made with spiritual intention, our ingredients are carefully picked based on their benefits for your body as well as their spiritual impact and energy. 

We try to give our customers easily accessible eco friendly skincare options since it can be difficult to find products that work for you without being very expensive or simply greenwashed. We refuse to use any ingredients that are from endangered plants (sorry, ¡palo santo!) or plastics in our products. We get our packaging from Eco Enclose. Check em out!

Furthermore, as a smaller company with community based aspirations we make a point of creating an environment of communication with our customers, where they will have a space to make recommendations and personalized products requests to make our line even more inclusive, where people of all sorts of skin and hair types can find products that have been tailored to them and their needs.

All in all, we stand for sustainability, accessibility, and good skin care.