Gingerbread Body Butter
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Gingerbread Body Butter

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Made with coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and Candelilla, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, licorice root, vanilla bean.

Gingerbread is a very nostalgic scent that brings us back to the holidays, we put all the love from this treat into a body butter that is gentle enough for children. For the sweet scent that gives these cookies actually is beneficial to the skin, panela is used in Latin America to combat acne and hyper pigmentation. Spiritually panela brings wisdom and sympathy. Cinnamon is associated with the holidays with its beautiful flavor and sent, it is also a great way to bring in wealth, healing and very passionate feelings. Cloves in witchcraft are used to bring friendships, prosperity and protection. Licorice root which has one of the most potent natural ways to keep an even complexion, it is widely used in love and commanding spells. Vanilla beans are used to help with mental clarity and love. Coconut oil has the smallest molecules compared to any other oil, hydrating your skin ways no other oil can. Avocado oil which has been used in Latin America for generations because of how luxurious it leaves the skin feeling while hydrating and providing nutrients. Lastly ginger is used in spells to improve someone's confidence and it is filled with 40 plus anti-oxidants and can improve blood circulation. 

All of our products are made with organic ingredients, cruelty free and eco-friendly with 100% recycled packaging . We focus on buying our ingredients from women owned companies that also are eco-friendly.
What does Las Brewhas mean? In Spanish a witch is called a Bruja, since we bless all of our products each step of creation we came up with a fun way to show how we brew up our products.