Chocolate Rose Body Scrub
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Chocolate Rose Body Scrub

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For the décolletage down!


Made with Rose, Rosehip Oil, Rose Petal Powder, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Andiroba Seeds, White Clay, Pink Clay, Pink Himalayan Salt


Rose not only is amazing for aromatherapy but helps keep the skin's elasticity strong, fighting antiaging. rosehip oil which is is fantastic for antiaging due to it being extremely moisturizing (making it great for clients combating eczema) while also offering slight protection from the sun. Rose petal powder is a gentle exfoliant that also boosts collagen production without being harsh on the skin. Cocoa butter is almost like a shield, it protects from harmful UV rays while holding in moisture; the sugar acts as a mild exfoliant, as do the andiroba seeds which also function as antioxidants that also fight inflammation and increase cell turnover, making it a fantastic ingredient for people fighting acne or ingrown hairs on their body. The white clay and the pink clay both work to firm and hydrate the skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkling. The pink clay minimizes blackheads due to its nature as a gentle exfoliant, removing the dead skins cells, leaving your skin glowing. The white clay helps fight acne and is a natural toner. Pink Himalayan salt is wonderful with many vitamins and minerals it offers while gently causing the skins cells to turnover at a fast rate.


All of our products are made with organic ingredients, cruelty-free and eco-friendly with 100% recycled packaging. We focus on buying our ingredients from women-owned companies that also are eco-friendly.

What does Las Brewhas mean? In Spanish, a witch is called a Bruja, since we bless all of our products each step of creation we came up with a fun way to show how we brew up our products.