Chocolate Rose Body Scrub

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Size: 4 oz

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What is inside

Made with Indigenous organic ingredients from the Amazon rainforest & U.S farmers that are cruelty-free, and eco-friendly with sustainable packaging.

Ingredients: Sugar, Rose, Rosehip Oil, Cocoa Butter, Andiroba Seeds, Pink Clay, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Fragrance.


  • Exfoliation 
  • Moisturizing 
  • Collagen boosting


  • Rose is a gentle exfoliant that also boosts collagen production without being harsh on the skin. Rose is used for self-love and protection. 
  • Sugar is an amazing way to remove dead build-up skin, rejuvenating the skin and allowing new skin to glow. 
  • Andiroba is a fantastic way to calm down body acne/ingrown hairs with its anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties while being extremely potent at anti-aging which has been used in South America for centuries. 
  • Pink Clay has been used for centuries in the Amazon for its anti-inflammation properties & can help lighten hyperpigmentation.
  • Rosehip oil is fantastic for antiaging and is extremely moisturizing, which great for clients combating dry skin. Rose-hip is also used to attract financial prosperity.
  • Pink Himalayan salt is also an exfoliant that is antibacterial as well as an amazing spiritual cleanser.
  • Cocoa Butter is like a shield protecting the skin while deeply moisturizing it.

How to use

*For the décolletage down and before shaving*

In the shower after cleansing grab a coin-sized amount and massage onto the skin for 1-4 minutes. Rinse off and follow up with body butter.

 Since we use all-natural ingredients and not dyes the color may slightly vary.

Shelf life

6 months after opening. Do not mix with water or it will expire faster.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Smells so good!

I love this scrub so much, it smells amazing!

Perfect for Valentine’s!

I used this scrub around Valentine’s season and the rose and cocoa butter was super hydrating and smelled edible. Chocolate and rose is an amazing combo. I’d love to see this as a body butter too. 😉😉😉

We will have the matching body butter for Valentines day!

Conrad C.
Exfoliating and tasty!

I use this scrub to exfoliate any dead skin off my body. It smells really good…all their products do! It’s also very gentle on my skin and helps me get that softness. I have sensitive skin so this helps me with my irritated skin. If/when I shave, I prep my skin with this first!

AH the chocolate rose is definitely one of our favorites too! thank you for sharing your review!

Why Las Brewhas?

Hello! We’re Las Brewhas - a Latina family-run business.


Las Brewhas was created by Gabby, who has struggled with cystic acne for 10+ years, deciding to combine her education as an esthetician and a pastry chef with her passion for sustainability and connecting to our Indigenous South American & African roots.


We are plastic-free and all of our products are packaged in recycled materials. Even our stickers are printed with plant-based ink and algae glue! It is incredibly important to us to be as sustainable as possible starting from how our Indigenous tribes harvest the ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest and Ghana to how we package all of our products.