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Smells amazing!!

I came by Las Brewhas at the Canal Street Market, and the kind and vivacious Gabby patiently helped me smell all of the wonderful scents! I settled on this Peaches N' Cream because it reminds me of peach rings. I've been loving it so far! xx

Lip Scrub
Alba Salcedo

Love this scrub, it is super awesome. I scrub my lips once a day and it makes me very happy

Mission Accomplished

I wanted to be smooth and reminded of coquito, and now I am smooth and refreshing like coquito.

Coquito Body Butter
Ivette Echeverria
Great to bring on vacation

I brought this with me on vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. When I put it on I was told I smelled great & my skin looked so refreshed 😎


This product completely healed my of my Ezcema. I have used so many over the counter brands that I had to keep buying and use throughout the day.

This balm works wonders! I use it once and the whole day I have butter smooth hands and arms!

Soft Hair

After using this conditioner my hair is shiny, smooth, and knot-free. It makes my hair easier to manage!

Chocolate Wine Face Mask
Valentine Sargent
Smells good enough to eat!

I adore this mask for three reasons.
1- the smell. The sweet smell of chocolate with a tangy note of red wine. Superb.
2- the feeling. The mask doesn't feel heavy on my skin nor does it make my skin feel hard and stonelike as it dries.
3- easy wash off. I don't have to rub forever nor does it stain my skin like other masks have.
4- after. After washing it off, my skin feels soft and smooth to the touch.
Treat yourself with this delicious smelling face mask!

Peppermint Body Butter
Valentine Sargent
Self Care for Skin

I've been using LasBrewhas body butter for two years now. I'm never going back to any other lotion. The smell is amazing and my skin feels so soft and nourished after lathering it on. This body butter has made it easy for me to sustain a self care routine every time I'm out of the shower. I also get compliments on how I smell from anyone who is near me!

I love this mask

First of all I’m a healthcare provider so my job is stressful all week every week. This face mask really helps me relax and pamper myself without leaving the house. I love the lavender scent, it’s incredibly soothing. My skin feels so soft after using this mask, and it really makes me feel like I did something to take care of myself. I am definitely buying more, this company has my loyalty

Great texture and unique scent!

I purchased my body butter from Las Brewhas in person and it was great experience! They're super knowledgeable and helped connect me to the right product for my skin type. The coquito body butter is nice and lightweight without being too heavy on my dry skin. I don't usually write reviews, but I couldn't help myself when I really enjoyed the product and like their values regarding using recycled, indigenous and ethically sourced materials! Definitely will be repurchasing once I run out.

Love it!

I love the peppermint conditioner! It’s smells great and conditions my hair really nicely. I like to leave it in for 20 mins then rinse out for a deep condition.

MAGIC in a bottle

My hair is curly and thick. I’m use to using about 10 pumps of conditioner and it still wouldn’t help detangle and it would leave my hair insanely dry. When I tried this peppermint conditioner I only used two small pumps and instantly my curls detangled effortlessly. The silk leaves my hair shiny and soft. My curls and I love this product!

Perfect for Valentine’s!

I used this scrub around Valentine’s season and the rose and cocoa butter was super hydrating and smelled edible. Chocolate and rose is an amazing combo. I’d love to see this as a body butter too. 😉😉😉


It’s got such intricate petals, so pretty it’s almost too beautiful to use! It smells divine. Spicy, musky, and gothic. A must-have!

Beautifully crafted

Gifted the soap to my mom for Mother’s Day and she can stop raving on about how well and healthy her hair has been. She took a picture of it cause she loved the presentation of it.

Peaches 'N Cream Soap
Catalina Meza Urotadze
Smells So Good

Title says it all, it smells so good I want to take a bite out of it!!

Coquito Body Butter
Catalina Meza Urotadze
Amazing Texture

I'm not normally a body butter person (I don't like the heavy cream-y feeling) but the texture of these is incredible!! Light and smooth, feels really good And smells really good. Will def be coming back to this one!


This is one of my many favorites❤️❤️ I love lathering this into my hair and plus point is that it smells refreshing and invigorating #obsessed 😍😍

Little goes a long way

The bottle is actually smaller than I thought it was gonna be but I’ve used it for over a month. I still have a decent amount left.

Coquito Soap
Alba Salcedo
Very smooth

Love it, smooth, lathers nicely and great smell. Very nice seller. Will def buy again.

Smells great

Definitely smells like something you’d want in the bathroom.

Soft hair

Leaves the hair so soft


Helps calm down irritation

Pumpkin Face Mask
Smells great

It smells like a candle!

amazing part 3

Body butter is the only thing that helps with my dry skin in the winter & this one is a winner for me. Love the smell!