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Smells terrific and works!

I’m very picky on masks and first off, this mask smells good enough to eat. There’s such a richness to it and I love it as part of my self-care routine. Second- this mask has been helping to exfoliate and shrink my pores. I love how soft my skin is after using it. I HIGHLY recommend this product.


Passion Serum
Jessica Montalvo
Incredible Glow!

I adore this serum! The subtle scent of the passion fruit is perfect! For me, it smells like those perfect ripe peaches. I love to smell it as my first step in my glow ritual! Lol!! It is not heavy at all, and literally leaves your skin glowing! I’ve been using it for a month now and it’s a regular part of my routine. It is a must try! This is now a staple for me. I am putting two photos so you can truly see the glow! You will love it!!

Passion Serum
Erin Sheats
Passion Serum

Love this serum! It's like nothing I've applied before! It's silky smoothe and give great slip for when I use my Gua Sha, however absorbs nicely into my skin. Doesn't not aggivate my acne and I haven't had increased outbreaks. It's a lovely smell and I'd buy again!

Coquito Conditioner
Jessica Montalvo
THE BEST!! It's Christmas in a bottle!

The coquito hair conditioner is amazing for so many reasons. It nourishes my hair, gives it a silky-smooth texture, and smells like Christmas! I absolutely love this hair conditioner. It seriously smells like coquito. I highly recommend it.

Soft and Full

I absolutely love the Rose and Rosemary Hair Conditioner! I have been using it for several weeks now, and not only do I love the smell of it, it has left my hair, soft, healthy looking, and full. And a little goes a long way. I just love how silky it leaves my hair. I will definitely return for more as soon as I need it!

Rose Face Cream
Aida Chinea
Rose Face Cream

My son started using their product and I love it. My skin/face feels and looks so healthy and smooth.

Hi Aida thank you for the review we’re so happy you both are enjoying it

Chocolate Wine Face Mask
Jessica Montalvo
AMAZING Results!

I used the chocolate wine face mask today and let me tell you, it is absolutely incredible! I put it on for a little over fifteen minutes so it dried completely. I’ve never felt my skin more soft! Seriously, never! I just couldn’t believe it! The smell is divine - like decadent dark chocolate meets Cabernet! It glides on so smooth. I HIGHLY recommend this product! I am still in awe at the results, and it’s only my first application.

Hi Jessica!!! We’re so happy you like it!! It’s definitely our favorite mask

Smoothing and softening

I really really enjoy this scrub. The lemon scent is so natural (literally lmao), and the oils really leave a moisturized feel. The grains can be a bit big so don't rub tooooo hard, but my skin always feels like an actual baby's skin after I use this! Especially on rougher areas like my elbows, knees and feet. Def recommend!

Hi William thank you for your feedback! Maybe we’ll add a disclaimer to massage gently


I bought this at a pop shop in NY and I finished it 2 weeks !!! IT SMELLS SO GOOOD. Hot girls need this Hot moms need this. Every goddess needs this !! I wish they sold 24 oz jars

LOL you’re so adorable we’re so glad you love it!!! We definitely plan on bringing back the larger sizes eventually

Love it for my oily skin

I've been struggling with acne my whole life but more so now. I have oily skin. I bought this cleanser bar and after a week I have not seen any new acne. I will definitely keep using it and buy another bar. I want to see if it clears my old dark spots.

Hi Wendy yessss we’re so happy to hear it’s helping!! It can fade the acne scars with time, I use the papaya mask as well to help get rid of them faster.

Foot Scrub
Wendy Cruz
Great foot scrub

I would recommend it if any one is looking for a foot scrub. I only use it once a week but it does the job. I also use a filer with it but it works great on its own.

Best lotion

I was gifted the lavender lotion last year and loved it.Reordered with coquito 4oz and lavender 4oz and I could not be more pleased. They both smell amazing and natural and moisturize my super dry winter skin.

Beautiful scrub

I adore this lip scrub. It leaves my lips so soft and smooth.


I recently bought 2 body butters, peaches n cream & the lavender one and my skin has never been more hydrated and so soft!! They smell amazing and they get the job done! I also got the rose and rosemary shampoo bar & conditioner and my hair has never felt cleaner! It smells so good so I will purchase this again! They also sent me a replacement for the conditioner since it opened on the way to me! I wish I could give more stars the owners are so sweet as well!!


Amazing product

Acne Face Cleanser
Anayah McNeil
Smells amazing, really works for oily skin!

When I use this on my face I’ve noticed my face is less oily throughout the day! It’s been about two weeks since I’ve been using on my face for my oily skin and on my back for dark spots and it’s lightening those scars!! So ecstatic to see the transformation from prolonged use cause I can already see a difference and it’s only been two weeks. Thank you so much Las Brewhas!! ♡ ♡

Really Good!

This soap smells amazing and lathers beautifully, the only warning is if you have drier/combination acne-prone skin it can dry you out! I just use it briefly with lukewarm water to keep my skin from drying.

Chocolate Rose Body Scrub
Smells so good!

I love this scrub so much, it smells amazing!


I’ve tried plenty of hair products for my hair type to help prevent frizziness but not feel greasy at the same time and it’s been very difficult. The rose and rosemary conditioner has been great for my hair. I don’t need to add anything else, my hair looks and feels healthy.

Peach Conditioner
Trish Dinh
Very nourishing and smells good!

I recommend this if your hair is dry (mine needs a bit less oil so this makes my hair get a lot of nutrients)

It’s like magic!

I bought this for my husband & he loves it! He had the worst oily skin ever that caused a lot of break outs and this acne face cleanser got rid of it completely! Him & I are shook out how fast it worked (3 washes) to get rid of the oily skin. I love to see him be confident in his skin and not have his oily skin be an insecurity anymore!

Black Seed Soothing Balm
Jessica Montalvo
Truly a Soothing Eczema Balm

I am very pleased with the outcome of using the balm for my daughter’s eczema. We have tried a number of products for years. This balm has helped my daughter’s skin to clear up. It smells amazing and goes on smooth. It has helped curb her itching as well. I plan to continue to use it for her skin maintenance.

Wanted to love it, but maybe it's just not for me

I'd like to preface saying that I dont dislike this product, I just dont think its for me. I've had a difficult time lathering this bar, even with a double shampoo it takes a bit of elbow grease to really work a lather. I think the glycerin base is giving it a slightly tight, draggy feeling as when it runs onto my skin when rinsing it feels tight and doesnt feel like the average shampoo after washing out of your hair (I've used many bars before, but it almost feels like it leaves a residue which I don't know how to feel about) Very heavy rose scent, which isn't a bad thing but is worth noting if you expected the rosemary to come through more. Haven't used long enough to see any difference in hair growth, so I have no comment there. I have fine curly hair, but also have hard water at home and maybe this combo just doesn't work the best. I've been using it in combo with the conditioner and I still get decent volume and curls without diffusing, but they're a bit stringy-er than they have been in the past. Would be nice if they offered a sampler pack of the shampoo bars about a 4th of the size of the normal bars to test out! I'm interested to try others in the future when I'm finished with this one - I still really like this company.

Hello Kimberly please email we’d like to send you a different shampoo hopefully this one works better for your hair type and that’s a wonderful idea for the sample set we might get on that. We’ve never thought of it before, I appreciate your feedback

Liking it so far

Lovely scent, and doesn't leave my fine curly hair weighed down. However, I haven't used it long enough to determine if some issues I'm having are from it, or the rose and Rosemary shampoo bar (slightly stringy hair, although soft and decent volume without diffusion). Will update review to see if it helps with hair growth after a few months of use.