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Rose & Rosemary Conditioner

Coquito Body Butter
Rocky Kuner
Favorite lotion ever

I seriously need a tub of this it’s amazing. The texture is soo silky smooth, I love the scent it’s not too overwhelming but not too subtle either.

Acne Face Cleanser
Lindsey White
amazing acne solution

since I’ve found this acne bar, its the only thing I use besides SPF and lotion on my face, and it’s the clearest it’s ever been! It’s amazing to find an acne solution that doesn’t use extreme chemicals but still works well

the power of maracuyá

Listen, this blend is unmatched. Period. Checks my under eye bags. It's honestly the only formula which visibly heals any morning under eye inflammation. And not if but when my hormonally acne prone areas flair up mid cycle, it also helps protect my face from inflammatory hyperpigmentation/keloid scarring. Life changing for sensitive skin. LasBrewhas is #1 P.S. Thanks for the divinely aromatic clay bar you generously surprised me with in my last order! It's the little things 🥹 Gratitude 🌻 🌺🪻

Day Cream

Y'all don't sleep on the Day Cream. It's the bees knees. A replenishing, nourishing, earthy delight especially for sensitive skin. It restores hydration, balance, and calms inflammation. My heart is smitten. Gratitude LasBrewhas 💛

Coquito Body Butter
Lindsey White
smells and feels amazing

The body butter absorbs really well and leaves me feeling moisturized the rest of the day. It smells really good as well!

Acne Face Cleanser
MG Gillis-Gambrell
Natural & Soothing

The relief of having skincare products with unquestionably healthy ingredients is a game changer. The exfoliation from the Acne face Cleanser is really nice too!

Papaya Dark Spot Mask
Wendy P Velazquez
Great feeling

I got this face mask about a month ago and I love how it makes my face feel. It doesn't feel dry or stripped.

Rose Lip Scrub
Great lip scrub

I love using the rose lip scrub, especially now during the winter months. It keeps my lips smooth.

Foot Scrub

I love this foot scrub! I use it a few times a week and it keeps my feet nice and soft!

Easy gift

Love getting and giving gift cards.

The second i smelled this soap it was like a warm grounding hug of Energy covered my body. Now I crave my next shower for another washing with the grounding herbs in this pine soap . Def changing my bathing experience. The cardamom Cinmon combo in soap is everything !

Stocked up on my favorite soap. I just love this smell!

A Fall and Winter favorite

I purchased this in the warm months and did not have a chance to use it much since addressing dryness in my humid locale is better with a lighter, watery lotion. But as the weather turns dryer and colder, the ash is real and a sista needs butters. The smell, texture, and moisture level in this are exceptional. The scent gets softer and sweeter through out the day.I'll be re-ordering this all cold season.

Hi Niya I definitely feel that for the fall and winter I slatherrrrrr this on or I’ll turn into a walking ash ball

Amira hand Soap
Wendy Cruz
Lovely scent

I really lovethe smell of this soap. It does t leave my hands feeling dry like some other bar soaps.
It also looks so pretty on my bathroom sink.

Hi Wendy we’re happy you like the rose soap and are getting use out of it I’ve heard so many people not wanting to hurt the rose shape but not using it hearts our hearts because it’s so good for the skin

Day Cream
Tina V Brown
On My 2nd Jar, It's So Good!

Bought previously and waited to do a honest review, there are no notes, only gratitude to have a source for such high quality handmade products. A must for any age and skin sensitivity like me.

Smells terrific and works!

I’m very picky on masks and first off, this mask smells good enough to eat. There’s such a richness to it and I love it as part of my self-care routine. Second- this mask has been helping to exfoliate and shrink my pores. I love how soft my skin is after using it. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Hi Monica☺️ thank you for leaving so much love in our face mask We’re so glad you’re enjoying it


The eczema has been getting better

This shampoo is wonderful.

Passion Serum
Jessica Montalvo
Incredible Glow!

I adore this serum! The subtle scent of the passion fruit is perfect! For me, it smells like those perfect ripe peaches. I love to smell it as my first step in my glow ritual! Lol!! It is not heavy at all, and literally leaves your skin glowing! I’ve been using it for a month now and it’s a regular part of my routine. It is a must try! This is now a staple for me. I am putting two photos so you can truly see the glow! You will love it!!

Hiiii Jessica thank you for sharing a review it’s so helpful! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the serum

Passion Serum
Erin Sheats
Passion Serum

Love this serum! It's like nothing I've applied before! It's silky smoothe and give great slip for when I use my Gua Sha, however absorbs nicely into my skin. Doesn't not aggivate my acne and I haven't had increased outbreaks. It's a lovely smell and I'd buy again!

Hi Erin I’m glad it hasn’t irritated your acne either! I’m also so acne prone and I haven’t had any breakouts from it since we formulated it to be super moisturizing while not clogging the pores

Coquito Conditioner
Jessica Montalvo
THE BEST!! It's Christmas in a bottle!

The coquito hair conditioner is amazing for so many reasons. It nourishes my hair, gives it a silky-smooth texture, and smells like Christmas! I absolutely love this hair conditioner. It seriously smells like coquito. I highly recommend it.

Soft and Full

I absolutely love the Rose and Rosemary Hair Conditioner! I have been using it for several weeks now, and not only do I love the smell of it, it has left my hair, soft, healthy looking, and full. And a little goes a long way. I just love how silky it leaves my hair. I will definitely return for more as soon as I need it!

Rose Face Cream
Aida Chinea
Rose Face Cream

My son started using their product and I love it. My skin/face feels and looks so healthy and smooth.

Hi Aida thank you for the review we’re so happy you both are enjoying it