Pinecone Soap
Pinecone Soap
Las Brewhas

Pinecone Soap

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Made with Ucuuba Butter, Sugar Cane Syrup, Honey, Cinnamon, Tobacco, Cardamom Seeds, Patchouli

Imagine if you will, closing your eyes in a forest, seasonally ambiguous, but distinctly earthy and calming. The air is still, and everything feels so naturally clean, sweet, and almost musky. That is the feeling we strive here with our adorable pinecone soap!

Made with ucuuba butter, a thick beautiful butter sustainably sourced from the Amazon that replenishes your skin while providing a lovely creamy undertone of raw earth and dripping sweetness provided by the sugar cane syrup added to the mixture. More gentle sweetness is brought by the honey, which is a humectant, meaning it keeps traps moisture, leaving your skin hydrated and cleaner due to its antibacterial properties. This helps result in overall healthier skin! This bar (or cone!) has some deeper scents intertwined, brought by cinnamon with its beautiful dark flavor and scent. Adorning oneself with cinnamon or using it in spiritual practices is also regarded as a great way to bring in wealth, healing and very passionate feelings. Tobacco is a very subtle but raw and deeply masculine scent while still giving it a warm and sweet aroma. Tobacco has been used by indigenous nations for centuries because of its healing properties. Cardamom seeds add another level of spice and depth, as well as being used to attract love and good luck. Finally we have the patchouli in the bar, which is great for helping balance excess oil, thus preventing acne or oily skin/scalp; it also smells amazing, offering a bit of aromatherapy with every wash. 

All of our products are made with organic ingredients, cruelty free and eco-friendly with 100% recycled packaging . We focus on buying our ingredients from women owned companies that also are eco-friendly.

What does Las Brewhas mean? In Spanish a witch is called a Bruja, since we bless all of our products each step of creation we came up with a fun way to show how we brew up our products.