Day Cream for Acne Prone Skin
Day Cream for Acne Prone Skin
Las Brewhas

Day Cream for Acne Prone Skin

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Made with: Tucuma butter, avocado butter, ucuuba butter, andiroba, soursop, guava oil.

This soft and lightweight day cream is perfect for starting the day off with fresh and hydrated skin, without having a product that feels oily or wet under a mask. Our day cream is wonderful for sensitive/acne prone skin. 
The ucuuba butter works to replenish the skin while the vitamin E oil helps calm inflamed irritated skin. The avocado butter is incredibly lightweight moisturizer that boosts skins elasticity and helps combat breakouts. The andiroba is one of the best ways to comebat fine lines while soothing inflammation. Tucuma is filled with antioxidants and fatty acids giving your skin a beautiful glow. Soursop 
is packed with vitamin C allowing a healthy evening of the skin tone and boosting collagen. Guava also helps with inflammation while giving a touch of uv protection.
They give the day cream its almost airy smooth texture while protecting and further hydrating the skin. This works best as a day cream because it is just so gentle to wear and is absorbed into the skin quickly, preventing it from feeling heavy.This cream will leave you feeling as fresh and ready to begin your beautiful day!


All of our products are made with organic ingredients, cruelty free and eco-friendly with 100% recycled packaging . We focus on buying our ingredients from women owned companies that also are eco-friendly.

What does Las Brewhas mean? In Spanish a witch is called a Bruja, since we bless all of our products each step of creation we came up with a fun way to show how we brew up our products.